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All our products are 100% Designed and ethically made in Ecuador in small workshops.


Artist Edition

Special Collection designed in collaboration with Ecuadorian Painters. By Purchasing this product you support artists and make it possible for them to work doing what they love.

For each item sold the artist receives 10% of its value.


About the Artist- Demetrio Soberon

He was born on September 15, 1993. Painting has always been his passion. He started at a young age, but began to do it professionally after attending Art School. He has exhibited in many venues and participated in contests achieving first places.

He likes to paint his children to represent personal experiences and also to express social problems through the human figure and portrait.


Materials: 70% Cotton/ 30% Polyester

Artist Edition I Demetrio Soberón I Neon Round Neck I Tree of Life

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