Our Story

We are inspired by the biodiversity

and the talent of Ecuadorian people.

Tucana Designs was born out of the vision of two sisters: Viviana & Melissa Aguilera. They both noticed the products bought by the tourist who were visiting Ecuador did not show the beauty of the flora and fauna of the country. They decided to establish Tucana as an entrepreneur apart from their professional careers in 2008.  The first collection they launch were hats.

As the years passed by, the market grew as well as the demand. The brand extended their products to clothes, accessories, bags, among others. Since the production to the exposition in the selling point, we control that every step of the production is honest and responsible. We use raw material of high quality, develop our products in craft workshops and create designs that shows the most representatives parts of our country.

With Tucana, you will always wear a part of Ecuador.

Meet our talented

Artists and Artisans

Meet our Artists

We have partnered with talented Ecuadorian artist to create a collection that portrait  their painting on different products.


Meet our Artisans

Our designs  are turn to life by artisans and small workshops. Therefore we can commit to deliver high quality products and support our community.

Where to find us


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