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Our Story

We are inspired by the biodiversity

and the talent of Ecuadorian people.

Tucana Designs was born out of the vision of two sisters: Viviana & Melissa Aguilera. They both noticed the products bought by the tourist who were visiting Ecuador did not show the beauty of the flora and fauna of the country. They decided to establish Tucana as an entrepreneur apart from their professional careers in 2008.  The first collection they launch were hats.

As the years passed by, the market grew as well as the demand. The brand extended their products to clothes, accessories, bags, among others. Since the production to the exposition in the selling point, we control that every step of the production is honest and responsible. We use raw material of high quality, develop our products in craft workshops and create designs that shows the most representatives parts of our country.

With Tucana, you will always wear a part of Ecuador.


Meet our talented

Artists and Artisans

He was born in Imbabura province on April 5, 1964. After completing  his high school studies, he travelled to Galápagos, where he developed his love and inclination for drawing  and  painting. 

He has presented  multiples exhibitions  and has painted various mural in Galápagos. Edgar currently works using various artistic  techniques in gallery in Santa Cruz.

Edgar​ Jácome

Meet our Artists

We have partnered with talented Ecuadorian artist to create a collection that portrait  their painting on different products.

She was born on September 2, 1975 with a malformation in her hands. Over the years she learned to use her limbs to develop all kinds of activities, including painting. She  has presented 2 art exhibitions in Guayaquil, the city where I was born in. 

Irma loves painting with various techniques: charcoal, pencils, oils, watercolors and even using recycled materials.

Irma Once

He was born on September 15, 1993. Painting has always been his passion. He started painting at a young age, but began to do it professionally after attending Art School. He has exhibited in many venues and participated in contests achieving first places. 

Demetrio like to paint his children to represent personal experiences and express social problems, specially the human figure and portrait.

Demetrio Soberón

Artists and Artisans

I was born on February 16, 1956 in Portoviejo - Manabí. At the age of 21 I ventured into the world of textiles and clothing thanks to my wife, who is a skilled artisan and taught me to make hats, scarves, etc.  

Later on I specialized in the line of hats. I’ve been making hats for more than 40 years. My workshop has become a beautiful family job. With the help of my 2 nieces we make up to 20 hats a day.

José Cedeño

I was born in October 3rd, 1980. I got interested in the making of bags and accessories 25 years ago. My father taught me and my siblings about this craft.


Currently I operate my own workshop with the help of my family. We create handmade items paying attention to details and mantaining a high quality. I like to work with various material such as plastic, faux leather and synthetic fibers.



Meet our Artisans

Our designs  are turn to life by artisans and small workshops. Therefore we can commit to deliver high quality products and support our community.

Artisans from


Our Tagua magnets and accessories are 100% handmade by local artisans of Sosote in Manabí province. Tagua, also know as ivory nut, is a seed that mainly grows in Manabí and Esmeraldas.

To obtain the final result, tagua seeds must go through a process of recollection, cleaning,  carving and coloring. Tagua is commonly using in sourvenirs.

Where to find us

Endemic Ecuador

Puerto López

Duty Free

Aeropuerto Internacional

José Joaquín de Olmedo


Esencia Ecuador

C.C. Buena Vista Plaza


Travel Store

Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre


Vitrina 593

- Plaza Nanova

- C.C. Laguna Plaza


Casa Mariscal

Juan León Mera N23-54



Galería Swissotel


Galerías El Tucán

Pdte. Antonio Borrero 7-35 y Pdte. Córdova


Sea Lion

Isla Santa Cruz


Souvenir Evolve

San Cristóbal


Bazar Evolution

San Cristóbal


Galápagos Memories




Santa Cruz


Evolution Galápagos

Santa Cruz


Sea Horse

Isla Isabela


Green Reef

Santa Cruz


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